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Team K.O.R.P. has been playing at Paintball heat. The only 4 story assault tactical playing field in this area. Every one will have to try out this place. Youll never be able to play regular recball the same.

We also have gotten our new jerseys. And were wearing them at Mxsportz Wallace game August 10. Where we were playing for the scotts. We also rocked the field and took names and won the MVT award (most valuable team). Pictured below is Team KORP taking five on friday night at the player party for Wallace. And below that we are posing for a team pic with our general for the wallace game Ron Williams, Co-Captian for team Altered Reality. We are holding our trophy. Also included is a couple of pics of the trophy we won. We helped by reffing a scenario at paintball heat the weekend of the 25 and had alot of fun doing it. there were two teams which participated. One team was called the PaintBallMillita and the other was called;